Conveyancing guide

Find your home

Once you have found your home – you must then make an offer. Whether you offer the asking price or a lower figure will depend on a number of factors. How much you want this property, it’s condition, necessary alterations, if you can raise the mortgage, whether you have sold your own property and whether the “chain” is complete.

PLEASE NOTE – Any offer you make either verbally or particularly in writing must include the words “subject to contract”. Otherwise you could be held to the deal even though you are not ready and the property has not been surveyed or the legal title checked.


Sometimes the property is Leasehold –essential if it is a flat or maisonette. This makes the purchase far more complicated than a freehold. The Lease is usually a long and complicated document and has to meet certain key requirements. Because of the additional time and specialist knowledge required to check that the Lease is satisfactory both buying and selling Leaseholds involve additional legal costs and fees.

Conveyancing guide