Step 3 – Searches


Local Authority, Drainage Water and environmental Searches will be required if you need a Mortgage and are prudent even if you are a “cash” buyer. Environmental Searches are particularly relevant if you are buying in an area where neither you nor we have local knowledge. Sometimes we will advise on a Coal Mining Search or a Chancel Repair Search and there are others which are more unusual. We will advise on what searches are appropriate and will ask for payment before they are put in hand. The fees can vary from £130 to more than £250.

The Local Search also includes enquiries about many matters including new roads and planning restrictions. Searches replies normally take about two weeks but can take longer.

PLEASE NOTE – Except for environmental searches only the actual land which you are buying is covered. They do not cover the property next door or any neighbouring land and if you have any concerns about what might happen outside your own boundaries – please tell us and we will extend the area of search. This will cost a little more but may well save time later and avoid any unexpected surprises!

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