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Types of Motoring Offences

Types of Motoring Offences

There are various types of motoring offences and penalties drivers are subject to when they take their car out on the road. That’s why this month, Hawkridge & Company will be discussing all of the types of offences, to help you better understand the consequences of bad driving. If you require more information and are facing a charge, take a read through of what to expect and contact our knowledgeable team for further help.  



Common driving offences and their implications 


As one of the most common driving offences, we thought it’d be best to start with speeding. In most cases, speeding will bear a fine, 3-6 penalty points, and in some circumstances, a driving ban. Penalty points will last four years on you licence and after this period they will be erased. 

A driving ban will be served if you are driving 45% faster than the legal speed limit. An immediate driving ban can last between 7 and 56 days, the amount of days applied will depend on the individual offence. For cases that had detrimental consequences, 120 days can be enforced. Penalty points may be added on top of this, too. 

Those who already have 6 points on their licence who are caught speeding again can obtain another 6 – which will lead to a 6 month driving ban.   


Failing to provide breath, blood or urine sample

Refusing to provide a sample after being pulled over by the police is a good indication of drink driving. That said, there are many reasons as to why someone may refuse to provide breath, blood or urine samples, including problems such as asthma, mental conditions and needle phobia. 

Often police officers will follow the wrong procedure that should follow after a driver fails to provide body samples – so it’s important you speak with a motoring solicitor who will be able to talk you through the situation, to make sure correct procedures were abided by before making a decision on your plea.


Death caused by careless or dangerous driving

Can lead to a 10 year prison sentence, so it’s important to get in touch with a professional solicitor quickly, as it is sometimes necessary for a second autopsy to ensure the cause of death.


Drink/drug driving

This offence can incur a driving ban and up to a 10 year prison sentence. The penalties will differ from case to case and will depend on the level of alcohol or drugs that has consumed. This will become apparent once tests have been examined. To reduce penalties it’s important to speak with local motoring solicitors to prepare a comprehensive case before a hearing.


Failing to identify the driver of the vehicle

Receiving a speeding letter from the police which asks you to identify the owner of the vehicle and failing to respond can lead to 6 penalty points. It may be the case that you did not receive the letter, in which case, you’d have a valid defence. But failing to respond when you have received the letter can mean you incur more points on your licence, than you would have obtained from your original offence. Take legal action and speak with professionals before choosing how to proceed. 


Dangerous driving

More than ‘careless’ driving, dangerous driving is typically an act that is done on purpose as opposed to careless, which usually seen as accidental. Dangerous driving can lead to 2 years of prison time. Usually this offence will also incur a driving disqualification and another driving test must be passed in future before one can drive again. 


Failing to stop after an accident or report an accident 

Depending on the event, both of the above offences can lead to points, driving bans and imprisonment. However, there’s a case if it was due to defence – speak with your local professionals who will be able to talk you through your case. 

Hawkridge & Company Solicitors provide a range of services, including motoring law in the Medway towns of Gillingham. For excellent customer satisfaction, speak with our highly skilled solicitors who are friendly, approachable and ready to represent your case. For more information,  simply contact us today and we will help you every step of the way.  

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